If You Need Physical Therapy, Go to Fortius. Period.

by TheBSper at Citysearch

Have you seen the movie Happy Gilmore? Where Adam Sandler goes to his “Happy Place”? Well, Fortius Physical Therapy is my happy place. The staff there – Jim, “Sir” John, and Nicole – are so friendly and welcoming that I actually look forward to my visits. And on top of being fun and outgoing, they know how to get results.

I’m a former college athlete, and I still follow an intense fitness program. I ask a lot of my body, and sometimes that means I get a little banged up. I’ve been to Fortius for two separate problems, and I can honestly say that I do not remember a time where my legs felt as good as they do now while I’m running. They don’t just get you back to where you were before you got hurt, they actually make you better.

To the finish line and beyond

by Nina S. at Yelp

I limped into Fortius and walked out a marathoner. I developed a painful hip issue 2 months before the NYC marathon, really unsure of how the rest of my training would go. Prior to making the call, I was determined to find a conveniently located office who accepted my insurance and the right therapist with marathon experience who would understand my need to adhere to a training program. Evan fit the bill.

Within a couple visits, I was walking and running pain-free. As my training progressed and new ailments developed, both Evan and Jim patiently treated every last ache and pain and were available between sessions to promptly answer emails and phone calls. The Fortius office, with its fun and friendly atmosphere, became a place I looked forward to going – something I’d never experienced with other PT offices. I made it to the start line feeling strong and healthy and successfully completed my marathon – a feat made possible thanks to the team at Fortius.


Back in action

by Chris P. at Yelp

After seeing a chiropractor for lower back issues and getting no closer to being painless I found Dr. Trakis.  In just a couple of sessions and with take home exercises and stretches I am pain free.  Jim and his team looked at the underlying problem and treated that.  I now have the tools to deal with my lower back pain when it comes back.  Now i’m “living the dream”


Professional, Amicable and effective!

by Stephen Adam Smith at Citysearch

I started seeing Jim when I was working Midtown for a lower back injury. His diagnostic, exercises regime and follow up have consistently been spot on and I have always finished treatment feeling stronger than ever before and fully ready to jump back into my sporting activities of choice.

I now work downtown and have a lower back injury but still make it up to Fortius as I know that I’ll get back in shape to continue my(injury prone!!) sports.

As an added bonus, Jim and his staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. Believe it or not, the plus side of having an injury these days is I get to go hang out with Jim&Co!

I absolutely recommend Fortius PT.


by Julia527 at Citysearch

After over 20 years of suffering with neck and lower back pain, I finally found Jim. From the minute you walk into his office, you feel the warmth and caring from him and his staff and once your session begins, you know that you are in good hands.

Jim is intelligent and knows how to help you. He also surrounds himself with good and talented people. It is very true that you feel like you are part of his family.

I’ve only been treated for a couple of weeks now, but I already feel relief from my chronic pain. Working with Jim and Kristin has given me hope that I can live a better life with less pain.

I can honestly say that I am somewhat of an expert when it comes to treating back pain. I’ve been to so many different “specialists” over the years, most of them not so special at all. I had just about given up when I found Jim.

Well, I could go on and on, but I’m afraid that after reading my review, Jim will have too many patients and I won’t be able to get an appointment to see him.


Pros: Competent, warm and caring
Cons: You never want to leave his office

Physical therapy that’s effective AND fun

by jfish1000 at Citysearch

I’m injury prone, so I’ve been to a ton of PTs in my life, but none beat Jim.

He’s not only very professional and extremely good at what he does, he makes the process fun.

It’s a small office, and Jim runs it, and everyone there feels at home.

After you’ve been going a while, you feel like you’re part of the ‘family’.

For an injury prone guy like me, this is a fantastic find.

Jim rocks!

Pros: Jim Trakis!!!

The best PT!

by glf212 at Citysearch

Jim knows his stuff and he employs some fantastic people.

Pros: Jim knows his stuff!

Excellent Physical Therapists

by JoshS at Citysearch

Jim Trakis and his staff provide excellent physical therapy services. They helped me rehabilitate my back injury to the point where I am now pain free. They provide a fantastic atmosphere in which a patient can stay motivated to do the work necessary to get back to his/her former self.

Pros: Caring, considerate, knowledgable and professional
Cons: none


by julgro at Citysearch

I would recommend Fortius to absolutely anyone. You’ll get expert treatment and personal attention in a friendly, encouraging environment. Over my 3 months of therapy, I saw that every Fortius patient is treated as a top priority. Scheduling appointments is convenient, there is no waiting time when you arrive for appointments, and you always feel like your questions about therapy are respected. Go in for a high-five from Jim!

This is your man

by pd44 at Citysearch

Fortius has many strengths, but its single biggest strength is its staff. Therapist Jim Trakis is very knowledgable and up-to-date on all manners of physical therapy; from preventative methods to nursing a patient through their recovery. Jim is able to interact with everyone with equal enthusiasm, and he and his staff make the difficult feel easy. Sure, you may find bigger establishments, but there is nowhere else you can go that will provide you with expert care, yet infinite personal attention. Fortius makes you feel like a member of a family, as they nurture you to your ultimate goal.

Pros: Jim Trakis and Company
Cons: None